Now, A Cloud-Based Customer Loyalty & Reservation Platform You Can Afford!

Introducing PREMEUS™, a cloud-based online customer loyalty and reservation platform that you can private label as your own and install in less than 48 hours!

PREMEUS™ is an affordable subscription model with no transaction fees. (Credit card fees still apply) You simply download it to your site. Effortlessly add your own branding and you are good to go!

PREMEUS™ integrates with your existing accounting systems, as well as, email marketing platforms like Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, etc. And, you get a robust set of reports that track parker transactions and preferences.

Imagine, creating a new and consistent revenue stream while driving customer loyalty. Now, your customers can reserve parking spaces and earn loyalty points to motivate them to keep coming back.  Depending on your business organization, you may be able to offer Premium parking for greater pricing or VIP recognition. PREMEUS™ also allows you to offer parking validations for tenants and guests.

PREMEUS™ offers you all the advantages large parking venues have with loyalty and reservation systems that are costly and difficult to maintain. With PREMEUS™ you get all the same features and benefits at a fraction of the cost!


Online Reservations & Customer Loyalty Programs Made Simple!

Take Reservations …On Any Device

PREMEUS™ gives you instant mobilization of your online presence with integrated payment processing through a scalable and secure cloud environment. Customers can make reservations or access and apply their loyalty account from any device, anywhere!

Simple, Easy, Fast, Complete!

Your customers will be able to instantly reserve parking and charge their credit card form any device, download validations, in a secure and PCI compliant environment, fully managed in the cloud.

An Analytical View

PREMEUS™ provides you with a simple and elegant approach to tracking all your customer reservations,transactions, promotions and loyalty program activity. We give you rich HTML5 charts and graphs as well as mapping of your site!

Auto QR –Goodness

PREMEUS™ automatically generates QR codes your customers can download or even view directly on their smart phones or mobile devices. These codes can be printed directly from your website and even scanned by your existing supported hardware.

Subscription Affordability

We offer four monthly subscription levels based on the volume of parking in your facility. If you exceed your volume your subscription will increase to the next level.

PREMEUS™ – Make customers happy! Make more money!


 PREMEUS™ was the vision of our founding partner team which included a CEO, President and General Manager of leading parking technology manufacturers, distributors, as well as technology consulting and strategic planning firms. Together, they identified a need in the parking world for an affordable, uncomplicated, and adaptable loyalty and reservation system. In 2013 our engineers came up with the solution – Creating a self-service, affordable, private labeled, feature-rich loyalty and reservation product for parking businesses to deploy. After years of research and testing, that product is PREMEUS™. PREMEUS™ is hassle free, user-friendly and customer-centric. PREMEUS is versatile enough to work in any size parking operation from major airports, massive shopping centers, universities, stadiums down to small parking venues and seasonal destinations.PREMEUS can deliver all you want in a reservation and loyalty system through a subscription based, cloud delivered application that integrates with all your diverse technologies –  Accounting, PARCS and email marketing platforms and more!