PREMEUS™ – Key Features & Benefits


PREMEUS™ offers a robust and versatile application for parking facility owners and operators of any size to offer both a simple to use a frequent parker program and reservations system that is a hassle free and an affordable cloud-based subscription application. Here is a partial list of features and benefits PREMEUS will deliver to your customers and you.

Parker Features – With PREMEUS™ Your Customers Will Now Be Able To:

  • Effortlessly create a password- protected account from any online device.
  • Earn, accumulate, track and redeem points for parking.
  • See the amount of points needed for redemption along with what points they have earned.
  • Request the number of days they wish to redeem points as well as request from a calendar the start date for their redemption.
  • Confirm their redemption and receive either a printed or email confirmation with a QR code for entrance into the parking facility.
  • Enter your parking facility using their QR code redemption credential and receive a pre-encoded transient ticket with allotted time value. Excess length of stay will be settled as a normal transaction.
  • See their FPP credential number when they log on to their account.
  • Make reservations for parking in any designated lot 24-7-365.
  • Pay by credit card for any parking that is not a redemption of points through PARCS or CIM.
  • Receive the benefits of continued loyalty by earning points for free parking.
  • Receive directions to the parking lot where they have reserved parking.

Operator Features – With PREMEUS™ Your Organization Will Now Be Able To:

  • Capture key data about your parkers including name, address, telephone, email and vehicle information.
  • Credential your FPP parker.
  • Maintain a cloud-based database.
  • Control database will be maintained by your PARCS.
  • Provide a credit-card-on-file program that utilizes gateway –specifically the CIM service to store and charge parkers their appropriate parking fee.
  • Allow FPP parkers to exclusively enter and exit your facility utilizing their credential recognized in your PARCS as a FPP account number.
  • Manually identify and assign points to FPP account holders who have lost or misplaced their credential.
  • Allow FPP parkers to be charged for parking in real-time via Payment Gateway. PARCS communicates to PREMEUS FPP account holder’s entry and exit in order to charge the appropriate fees to Account holder’s credit card on file.
  • Use PARCS to PREMEUS utilization communication to allow PREMEUS to calculate appropriate point awards.
  • Flexibly program a daily email to account holders whose credit card is about to expire. (Data must be entered in the Payment Gateway at time of registration)
  • Receive a report on FPP account holders who are dormant over a specified period of time. PREMEUS can notify PARCS to disable such accounts at your discretion.
  • Have administrator and manager access rights to add/modify end-users in the FPP software, add/modify points to FPP accounts,  the ability to audit accounts, read-only rights of a FPP’s account within PREMEUS.
  • Establish rules, limits, restrictions  etc for FPP account holders.
  • Run reports on all FPP activity by points, by visits, by date range, by parker, by access group, by point redemption, by lots including outdoor, indoor and valet.
  • Edit credit card information to update expiration date, add additional card, address, phone, email, etc.
  • Assign/ deduct points from an account with a required reason entered.
  • Track all editing, additions and subtractions.
  • Set up a welcome message to new FPP members.
  • Offer online parking reservations and be able to specify the number of reserved spaces as well as verify the number of reserved spaces dynamically to alert parkers if spaces are full.
  • Establish a Corporate Parker Program and set rate tiers for enrolled companies on the basis of utilization, minimum qualifications, etc.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your PARCS as well as your email marketing automation platform.
  • Allow your FPP and Reservation platform to  have your branding and your look.